Smart ForTwo Coupe review

The Smart comes with a basic 1.0-litre petrol engine or a more high-tech 0.9-litre turbocharged unit. When designing the new car, Smart focused on addressing the complaints made by owners of the old model. Things haven’t been toned down in this new model and the car is available in a variety of bright colours and with numerous eye-catching accessories. Retaining the hilariously small turning circle means the ForTwo really is the car that reaches the parts other cars cannot hope to reach.

The Smart ForTwo is no longer available to buy new in petrol form. Its dinky dimensions mean it is even better suited to tight town streets than its rivals – the likes of the Volkswagen up! or Toyota Aygo – but as a two seater it’s also markedly less practical than its four or five-seat competitors. Why not check out our review of the fully electric EQ ForTwo instead, or browse for deals on used and nearly new ForTwos? Still, it’s so short that it can be parked perpendicular to the kerb, so finding a usable parking space in even the busiest city should be easy.

It’s nicer to drive and more spacious but no less of a cityscape wonder than it was before. You’d really need to want a car less than three metres long and never leave the city to take this into consideration at all because it’s just not well-rounded enough to mix it with more conventional cars. Another complaint was the old car’s bouncy suspension that was stiffened (at the expense of ride comfort) to make the car more stable at speed.

Smart ForTwo Coupe review


p>If you live in a city then before you look at any other car you should consider the new Smart ForTwo. This new model gets a choice of a six-speed manual or a dual-clutch automatic gearbox with the same number of cogs. The new platform lends the Smart a more stable and planted feel compare to its fidgety predecessor It’s been swapped in favour of a system that’s based on the suspension fitted to the new Mercedes C-Class which is much more comfortable than the old setup. It&#39;s a nice car that serves a very singular purpose – be among the best in city centres There’s also a version fettled by tuning company Brabus that has the look of a mini AMG Mercedes.

Getting noticed was never a problem in the old Smart ForTwo, which would explain why it appealed to younger drivers. Consensus is that the ForTwo is a dramatic improvement in just about any aspect of the daily driving experience over its predecessor – but this isn’t quite a ringing endorsement. That said, it has a lot of charm that might make it the one for you.

The tragic old automatic gearbox has been replaced by a newly developed DSG gearbox that is fast and smooth. The biggest offender was the old car’s automated manual gearbox – its jerky changes could make the ForTwo surprisingly difficult to manoeuvre at low speeds. It’s a more grown-up second act for the ForTwo and it’s by far the better car for it. Both offer superb fuel economy, but neither are very quick. Just about anything else on sale would be a more accomplished car on the motorways and rat runs and at this sort of money it doesn’t just have to worry about other city cars but superminis such as the Ford Fiesta and Mazda 2 – before you even get out of the bottom spec Smarts.

But outside the isolation of its own improvement, it’s still quite a pricey and compromised little beast. All models come with stop-start technology to save fuel, daytime running lights, climate control, central locking and electric front windows.

Haynes How-To: change a car battery

Next, check the battery’s state of charge by either looking at the indicator eye (not present on all batteries), sampling the electrolyte in a battery hydrometer (not possible on sealed batteries) or perform a battery load or drain test with a suitable meter. It&#8217;s likely the original battery holder will still be useable. Warnings: While a 12v battery will not shock you through the skin, there are safety considerations. Son&#8217;t do this in wet conditions and avoid connecting the two terminals with anything metal, as this will make a circuit and cause sparks/ heat.

The price of a car battery usually varies between £50 and £200 when purchased from online retailers. When you get back, turn the engine off and restart it the next morning. If you come to the car and find the battery is flat, you should still be able to start it up. They also fade over time.

Wear insulated work gloves to be sure and consider safety goggles. The first thing to do is check the battery leads are secure and clean. You may also &#8220;bump start&#8221; a car with manual transmission. Please note: all cars are different so if it is time to change your battery, you may want to look up instructions for your specific car at Haynes OnDemand.

It&#8217;s really worth doing it yourself to avoid unnecessary cost. In most cases this procedure will take only half and hour or so. This is undoubtedly time-consuming and Haynes strongly recommends fitting a new battery as soon as possible.

If you find your electrical system is having problems it may be down to a sluggish battery, and it will need replacing. If it’s flat again you&#8217;ll know there is a problem somewhere. Once you have sufficient motion, step off the clutch; this connects the moving wheels with the engine, turning it over and hopefully firing it up.

There may even be a video tutorial. Draining your 12V battery completely — for example by leaving the interior light switched on — is quite damaging to its long-term health. You can revive it via jump leads, but its efficiency will have been reduced. Aside from the obvious inconvenience of being stranded somewhere without leads or someone to give you a bump start, a dead battery may require you to reset a car’s systems, such as the throttle position sensor, audio system, clock and more. This means removing large metal jewellery.

If it&#8217;s low, you should try replacing the battery with a new one. These batteries are designed to last for many years but they aren&#8217;t as energy dense as the lithium-ion batteries which are used to power an electric car&#8217;s drive motor and can be found in mobile phones and laptops. Find the battery (usually under the bonnet, but check the car&#8217;s manual if you&#8217;re not sure) and use jump leads or a battery trickle-charger to send electrical charge from an external device directly into the 12V system (there should be instructions with the device). Note: A new battery retainer may not be required. Several online retailers sell car battery replacements, including: They are used to run the 12v electrical system (lights, stereo, heating, etc.) and generally use lead-acid chemistry.

However, according to an investigation carried out by Auto Express some car owners may be charged up to a whopping £1,250 for a battery replacement by main dealerships. Fortunately, this is an easy task and only requires basic tools. It’ll be obvious when your battery is completely flat — the central locking may not work and you won&#8217;t be able to start the engine — but knowing when a battery is reaching the end of its life is trickier. You do this by switching the ignition to &#8220;on&#8221;, depressing the clutch and engaging first gear, then have someone push the car forwards.

Many cars may have a battery warning light but if the battery fails while the car is parked, that&#8217;s not much help. Nor do they like to be fully drained and then fully recharged, which is why they&#8217;re connected to an alternator (or dynamo in classic cars) that keeps them topped up while the car is running.

Haynes How-To: change a car battery


p>All cars have 12-volt batteries — petrol, diesel, hybrid and even pure-electric cars such as ones made by Tesla. Once it&#8217;s started, take it for at least a 20-minute run to charge the 12v battery.

Best Online Car Buying Sites

Search local inventory today! Having this information upfront lets you get a better idea of how the car has been maintained and the likelihood of future problems. Online payment calculators and reviews. People seem to like the user-friendly site and the helpful sales staff. The website offers an intuitive search engine that lets you filter cars through dozens of criteria to pinpoint the exact vehicle you’re looking for in your budget.

Holds can range from 24 hours up to a week. Used by over 14 million shoppers each month. Alternatively, you can have your car shipped to you, though free shipping isn’t available for every vehicle.

If service records are available, that’s a good sign. Does this vehicle have four-wheel drive? All-wheel drive (AWD) and four-wheel drive (4WD) help with traction and acceleration when driving on slippery surfaces or in inclement weather. However, CarMax reviews sometimes describe long wait times to receive cars after purchase. It’s a good idea to take the car to a mechanic for an inspection during the trial window.

Chat with a ConsumerAffairs decision guide A history of several owners on a relatively new vehicle might imply something is wrong with the car. Many of the better sites provide this information before you have to ask for it. Some Carvana reviews mention changes to delivery date scheduling. Generally, positive Carvana reviews mention how easy it is to buy and register a vehicle through the site.

Chat with a ConsumerAffairs decision guide What do repairs typically look like for this make and model? Sometimes it can be hard to get an answer on this one, so it might help to look at other user reviews online for answers. Vehicle purchase protection guards against fraud. CarMax offers an easy preapproval process for those who want to finance their purchase. Find new and used cars online.

2 million vehicles eligible for home delivery. No fee for home delivery. Shipping and delivery typically take less than 48 hours.

You’ll need the car’s VIN to learn more about its service and accident history. Offers hundreds of pre-owned vehicles. Like the magazine, the website doesn’t facilitate the sale of cars but connects buyers with a range of options. Autotrader also offers an app for Apple and Android phones that lets you search for cars, save cars to your favorites and connect with sellers.

Lets you search a large selection of new, used and certified cars from dealers and private sellers. Vehicle history reports are provided through AutoCheck. They typically cost more and require more maintenance than two-wheel-drive (2WD) vehicles.

Positive Autotrader reviews frequently mention finding a good price. Make sure to review them carefully. However, not all car buying transactions provide an opportunity for a physical test drive. DriveTime’s corporate office is located in Phoenix, Arizona with 143 dealerships nationwide. Offers parts, tools and other automotive supplies.

But warranties don’t cover everything, so it’s important to know what yours does cover. The assumption here is that you’ll buy the car if the mechanic gives you the go-ahead. Plus, learn about what questions to ask before you purchase a car online.

Why are you selling the car? This is a good question to ask if you’re dealing with an individual seller rather than a dealership. Users can make bids or offers and buy online. It takes longer if the car must be delivered from another store.

In this case, the seller usually offers a grace period for free returns. You don’t want to need it and not have it. Shipping fees vary by location. What’s the gas mileage? It’s important to know what kind of gas mileage a car gets as you’re budgeting for monthly payments.

Even so, it’s good to also check whether other important maintenance is up to date. Performs 125-point inspections. Read our guide to research and discover the best car buying site for you.

You can find information about shipping fees to your location on each car’s detail page. You can also sell your current car on TRED. To determine our top picks, we started by comparing 17 popular online car buying sites and narrowing the list down to only the sites that offer a wide selection of vehicles at different price points.

Buy with no haggling or pressure. If this is important to you, make sure to ask about it. It’s a good idea to ask what the KBB estimated value is, even if you already know. Estimates are based on private party value, trade-in value and certified pre-owned (CPO) value, among other factors. If a dealer is reluctant to let you do this, consider it a red flag.

If a vehicle has been in an accident, that is a major red flag. Would anything stop me from taking this car on a long road trip? This is another question that tells you more about the car’s condition and lets you know what might need to be fixed, which gives you a better idea of the true cost of the car.

If this is important to you, consider purchasing an extended car warranty from a third-party company. Prequalify for financing in two minutes. TrueCar then outputs a market average price estimate, the MRSP, your estimated savings and any vehicles for sale in your area that match your description. Purchases include a 100-day/4,189-mile limited warranty and a seven-day money-back guarantee. Whether you are buying a new car or a used car, knowing the right questions to ask can help eliminate any concerns that you have around the vehicle you plan to purchase.

Use the price comparison tool to see deals. What does the warranty on this car cover? If something goes wrong with your new car through no fault of your own, it’s always comforting to know you can repair it at a low price. Asking if any features aren’t functional helps you fish out any details about how the car’s condition may be less than optimal. Has this car been in an accident?

The best car buying websites run a vehicle history check to prevent vehicles that have been in accidents from being sold on the site. Make sure you know how to best take care of your car and that it fits your current needs. Works with multiple lenders to find financing options. Positive CarMax reviews describe good deals and helpful customer service.

The company has a policy against selling cars that have been in an accident, and it runs a CARFAX report on each vehicle to confirm this. Mobile app offers price alerts and shows recent searches. Chat with a ConsumerAffairs decision guide Aside from visible damage to the car, you can learn more about a vehicle’s accident history by reviewing the CARFAX report. You may be familiar with Autotrader as a popular print magazine. Chat with a ConsumerAffairs decision guide Ships vehicles in 10 to 14 days.

We like that Carvana performs a 150-point inspection to make sure each vehicle is fit for purchase. It takes about 20 minutes, and the loan offer is good for three days. Like Carvana, CarMax offers a wide selection of new and used vehicles at fixed, no-haggle prices. The site makes it simple to find different autos by make, model, features, mileage and number of previous owners. Can I take the car to a mechanic for inspection during the test drive?

If you are about ready to buy, this is a good question to ask. This is one of many questions that will help you get a better understanding of the car’s overall health. TrueCar then helps you find local dealers that may be interested in your vehicle.

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of buying a new car online or in person and forget to ask the right questions. Is it possible to hold the vehicle? Some car dealers will put a hold on the vehicle for you while you make your decision on whether to buy.

Banner image Some online car purchasing sites will provide an oil change and a car wash for a used car. Are there any additional fees? Nothing’s more annoying than hidden fees popping up at the last minute.

The company has both curbside pickup and home delivery services in many locations.

Best Online Car Buying Sites


p>Online car buying sites utilize intelligent search engines to help you compare multiple cars or trucks in your price range. You don’t get a traditional test drive, but you do get a week to return the car for any reason. More recently, Autotrader has been expanding its digital presence in the online car market.

Consider it a red flag if the seller can’t or won’t provide answers. This gives you a better idea of the condition of the car. Includes a seven-day test drive, a 90-day warranty and one year of roadside assistance.

Many online sellers charge shipping and delivery fees separately from the price of the vehicle. Offers dynamic search filters and 360-degree photos. If you’re unable to find certain information about a car online, it’s always a good idea to first ask the dealership or individual seller, especially if the car you want to buy is used. Overall, Autotrader makes it easy to browse new and used cars that are available from dealerships and private sellers. All payments are made through TRED, so you can rest assured that your money ends up in the right hands.

It’s better to take time and think over a big decision like buying a car than be rushed into it. You can enter details about your car on its website to receive an instant trade-in estimate. Covers major systems for 90 days or 4,000 miles. TrueCar’s used-car shopping program is similar, allowing you to choose the car make and model that you’re interested in before showing you local results. What is the Kelley Blue Book value of the car?

The Kelley Blue Book lists the value of used vehicles as well as new cars. With over 500,000 vehicles sold and over 11,000 vehicles available, it helps consumers with credit issues find a reliable used vehicle. With TrueCar’s new-car shopping program, you choose the vehicle make and model that you want and, optionally, filter for specific details. We also considered average reviews and ratings from verified consumers on ConsumerAffairs, only including car buying sites that had at least 14 5-star reviews in the past 12 months. The prices on Carvana are fixed, so there’s no haggling.

If needed, a co-borrower can sign on the finance application. Finally, we excluded any companies that don’t provide financing and customer service that’s available at least five days a week. As you browse, listings have 360-degree photos to simulate the experience of seeing the car in person.

Depending on its age and mileage, a used car may have passed out of its coverage period. Look for patterns in repairs and factor these into your budget. Offers financing, insurance and warranty help. It’s vital you have a transparent history of a used car before buying.

Its website helps you search for used vehicles, compare prices, communicate with sellers, schedule test-drives, apply for financing and set up delivery. Cars are sourced from auctions, trade-ins, dealerships and private sellers. TrueCar offers new and used cars online. Some customers have been using Autotrader to buy cars for decades, long before it launched as an online marketplace. If you’re near a Carvana vending machine, you can pick up your car for free.

Do service records prove that the maintenance is up to date? Most good online car buying sites can provide the ownership history of the vehicle. Chat with a ConsumerAffairs decision guide Make sure to ask about additional fees so you can see the full financial picture. Includes photos, videos and reviews.

Vehicle pickup and delivery options. If they aren’t readily available, that might mean the car hasn’t received proper service in the past. Seven-day trial period with the option to return a vehicle for a full refund. Local shipping is free and takes about three days if you live near a CarMax location. While buying directly from another person can seem intimidating, TRED verifies the vehicles sold on its site by conducting identity checks on buyers and sellers and confirming the car’s ownership and accident history.

When buying a used car, always ask the buyer questions about the service history, previous owners and past repairs. Is the car under warranty? It’s helpful to know if a car is still under warranty because it can help cover costs if your vehicle breaks down. Features like the heater, air conditioner, turn signals, lights and audio system should all be working. Lets you shop new and used cars, trucks, classic and exotic automobiles and more.

TRED is a person-to-person used car marketplace. For more, check out how CarMax stacks up to Vroom and Carvana. Most credit profiles can qualify. TrueCar also offers a trade-in program.

If you are buying a car online from a private seller, you might have to refer to the original manufacturer’s brochures in order to get this information.